Hear Our Story...

Ozark Conference Center began as a dream of the late Dr. and Mrs. Carl Wenger and Dr. and Mrs. David Cheairs. Having experienced the impact that Christian retreats and camps had in their own lives and in the lives of so many people they knew, they believed the Lord had put in their heart the desire to facilitate such ministry in Arkansas. In January 1975, they helped establish Ozark Conferences, Inc. as a non-denominational, non-profit organization operating under the direction of a Board of Directors, operating out of Little Rock. 

The mission was simple: through camps and retreats, to help children and adults discover the life-transforming power of the Gospel of Christ and to experience a growing, intimate relationship with Him for a lifetime. Thirty couples attended the first retreat in October of 1976. During that time, Ozark Conferences, Inc. sponsored ten to twelve conferences, workshops, retreats, and luncheons each year in rented facilities throughout Arkansas.

After years of praying and searching for property to call its own, finally, in October 1991, a campaign to purchase, renovate, and develop "A Place Called Home" began. Miraculously, in August 1993, Ozark Conference Center dedicated the 305 acre facility atop Jenkins Mountain in Solgohachia, Arkansas. They added an additional 18.75 acres with a 5,000 square foot building to the facility in January 1995.

Since that time, Ozark Conference Center and Camp Solgohachia have ministered to thousands of kids, adults, and families. And the retreat and camping ministry is expanding!

Hear Their Stories...

Without hesitation, I would recommend the summer camp to any church leader. The mountain is a perfect place for campers to explore and have fun. The camp staff did an excellent job of helping the children strengthen their relationship with the Lord. The teaching was creative and thoughtful. The dramatic sketches were powerful and the kids were on the edge of their seats each day. Our day campers were excited each day and would arrive early on our church campus to leave in the mornings. In my years of coming to OCC, I’ve never seen the enthusiasm that I saw this year in the hearts of the kids.
— Russellville Children's Pastor
I want to thank you and your dedicated staff for the day camp you put on for the Morrilton City Park. That week has to be one of the most successful summer day camps I have been associated with. Each parent expressed appreciation that their child was exposed to Christ through your skits and messages. I am truly grateful you contacted us and wanted to come to Morrilton and put on this camp for us. I hope you will come back for years to come.
— Morrilton City Park Director
My time at camp was so intensely saturated by the Spirit that it is of little surprise to me that I feel like I’ve grown and matured spiritually in such a little time. By living together, working together, and being physically isolated from he world, almost every waking moment during Camp Solgohachia was spent either meditating on the Lord or physically working towards His Kingdom’s end. That itself has a powerful transformational effect that is invaluable. I wish that everyone my age could have this same experience!
— Camp Counselor
Thanks for giving me the best time of my life. Everywhere I went I definitely felt the presence of the Lord. The drama helped me realize that even though I thought I was with God, I have always hated myself whether it was because I felt I wasn’t pretty enough or I was dumb. Thank you for helping me realize who I really am and should be!
— Camper
If someone asked me where I would go if I could go anywhere in the world for a day, I would say Ozark Conference Center. If someone asked me where I want to send my children to learn about Jesus Christ, I would say Camp Solgohachia. God set an eternal fire in my heart at camp and He spent two months growing it, making it bigger, and giving me tools to keep it just as passionate and just as big in December as it was in June. Camp Solgohachia is the one place that I can say for sure has changed the course of my life.
— Camp Counselor
My kids recently attended their very first overnight camp at Camp Solgohachia. They enjoyed it so much they can’t stop talking about it and can’t stop talking about coming back next year! Each of these counselors have a true love for these kiddos. I am so very blessed to have found this place. What a God-filled place! Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed hearing my boys share their stories about their stay and their wonderful, loving counselors. Thank you for taking care of my boys and guiding them in such a spiritual way! God bless every one of you!
— Camper Mom